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3 Reasons Your Family Should Move into a Short-term Furnished Apartment with You

Posted by Charlene Knight on Sep 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Family in a Furnished Apartment_blogSingle career professionals are not the only people relocating for new jobs and renting fully furnished apartments. There are plenty of spouses and parents who do the same thing. The difference is, many times, when a career professional with a family relocates for a new job, they choose to leave their family behind until they're able to find a permanent home. 

However, distance can put a lot of strain on a family. Yes, the logistics of moving your entire family to a temporary housing situation may be complicated, but the longterm benefits far outweigh the logistical challenges.

Let's explore three benefits of bringing your family along when you're moving into a short-term furnished apartment. 

1. Moving is an opportunity to teach your children confidence.

Some people are naturally confident. It shows in the way they carry themselves—their poise in unpredictable environments, their adeptness at responding to the unexpected, and their willingness to accept change. Others are not that way. Sometimes confidence is a learned trait, just because it comes naturally for some doesn't mean that others cannot practice and master it.

The key to mastering something like confidence is purposely putting yourself in situations where you can practice it. Relocating is a great example.

Moving from one home to another is a major change for any adult, but especially for children. If your kids are very young, they may be anxious about the move. If they're in middle school or high school, they may be angry. But regardless of how they're feeling about the move, chances are, these emotions stem for the same thing: insecurity. In other words, a lack of confidence has them worried that they won't like their new city, they won't make friends there, or they won't fit in. 

Every parent wants their kids to successfully adapt to a move. The best case scenario, though, would be if moving made your kids better, stronger individuals. Instilling confidence is the key to making that happen.

How do you instill confidence in your kids? The best way is to exemplify it. Celebrate the move instead of apologizing for it because the more confident you are, the more confident your kids will be, and confidence—whether natural or learned—is a valuable skill to have not only during a relocation, but also in life.

2. Moving introduces your family to different ideas and opportunities.

We've all known people who were born, raised, and settled down in the same town. Maybe you were that person. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, there are a lot of social and financial advantages to staying where your roots are. However, there are unique advantages for moving to a new city as well.

The main advantage is that you'll expose yourself and your family to different people, ideas, and ways of doing things. People who surround themselves with individuals and groups who think differently than them will grow in a variety of capacities. Changing environments can inspire creativity, challenge thought, and develop maturity. What better people to grow with in these ways than with your family?

3. Moving together = time together.

With smartphones and social media, it's almost harder to disconnect than it is to connect these days. However, there is no substitute for being physically together in the same place.

If you move to a short-term furnished apartment and temporarily leave your family behind, you can certainly call and FaceTime them as often as you want. But virtual communication is nothing like the quality time you could be spending with them during a move—not to mention the weeks or months you'd spend together in your short-term furnished apartment home.

Certainly, the more time your family spends together, the closer your family will be, but perhaps more important than that is the fact that making the transition together brings your family closer together in a unique way.

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