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3 Things You Get with Furniture Rental Besides Just Furniture

Posted by Charlene Knight on Feb 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

samantha-gades-BlIhVfXbi9s-unsplashWhen you make the decision to rent furniture, most of us focus on only two things: style and cost.

The problem with focusing solely on style and cost is that these details ignore a major component of renting furniture. What is it?

The experience.

A good furniture rental experience happens when you get service that exceeds your expectations and more than covers the amount of money you paid for the service. 

At Corporate Connection, we want to give our customers the best and most thorough furniture rental experience, which is why we think it's important to note a few things that our customers get with furniture rental besides just furniture.

Professional Delivery, Setup and Pickup

Professional furniture delivery would be great on its own, but add setup and pickup to the mix, and you're getting an incredible perk with your furniture rental.

The furniture delivery crew at Corporate Connection operates on a consistent schedule in order to accommodate our broad service areas in both North and South Carolina. 

  • Upstate deliveries are Monday through Friday.
  • Deliveries to Columbia and Asheville are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

As you can see from the schedule above, next-day delivery is available in most areas.

Flexible Lease Terms

We're here to make your life easier, not more complicated. That's why we never lock our clients into rigid leases — not for furnished apartments and certainly never for rental furniture.

Our lease terms for furniture rentals are a minimum of three months, Beyond that, you're free to extend or cancel you're rental whenever you need. After all, we understand that life isn't made for rigid contracts. Our team wants to be able to work with you and support you in your most unpredictable moments.

Advice from Relocation Experts

Ask anyone who's worked with Corporate Connection, and they'll tell you that our team doesn't just do our job. We're truly invested in your furniture rental experience, and we take your needs seriously.

It's not a degree or license that makes our team of relocation specialists experts. It's the hours (for most, even years) they've spent working in the industry. We know how relocations go, which allows us to accurately predict what you need, plan for the worst, and deliver the very best. 

If you have questions (or WHEN you have questions), we're here for that as well. We'll never try to up-sell you on a furniture package if it's not exactly what you need because that's not how we do business. We provide the best advice for furniture rentals with your best interests in mind.

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