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4 Things Realtors Can Do for Clients Who Need a Short-term Furnished Apartment

Posted by Charlene Knight on Aug 17, 2020 12:12:27 PM

Real Estate Agent_blogAt its heart, realty is a customer service career. It's also quite competitive, which means only the most client-focused realtors make it. 

Every real estate agent out there is trying to be better than the one down the street because they rely on customer satisfaction for positive reviews and referrals to keep business up. One of the best things realtors can do from a customer service standpoint is to assist clients with one of their biggest predicaments: finding short-term housing when their house sells and before they find a new one.

It's easy to get so caught up in the buying and selling process as a real estate agent that you either don't consider the short-term housing scenario at all, or worse, you write it off as "not your job."

Maybe finding short-term housing for your house-hunting clients isn't technically part of your job description, but ultimately, customer experience drives everything you do. With that in mind, here are some ways to ensure your customers' experiences are top notch.

Tell them about furnished apartments

Too many realtors are too focused on buying and selling houses to think outside the box and consider that their client may not have somewhere to live temporarily. It's sad but true.

The good news is that resolving this oversight is easy. All it takes is one conversation or a single email to let them know that Corporate Connection has furnished apartments in the following cities: 

Narrow down their options

Maybe you have a client who is already overwhelmed with buying and selling a house. Your gut tells you that a long list of furnished apartment options is the last thing they need.

If that's the case, maybe it's better to take the first few steps for them and narrow down their options. Start by considering their budget. If you know their house hunting budget, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what they're comfortable paying for a monthly mortgage. Take that number and apply it to monthly rent for a furnished apartment.

Furnished apartments are going to cost a bit more per month than an empty apartment would because all utilities, furniture, and housewares are included. Make sure your client understands that when you show them the per month price.

Next, consider location. Your client doesn't need a fully furnished that's 45 minutes away from their child's school or their spouse's work. Location will narrow down the options significantly, leaving you with maybe just a couple furnished apartments to choose from. That's perfect, though, because it makes the decision-making that much easier. 

Manage closing dates carefully

Furnished apartments are move-in ready within a few days, and the lease terms are flexible. These are vital benefits for homeowners going through the all-too-unpredictable buying and selling process.

Still, do your best to manage and solidify your client's closing date so that they don't have to rent a furnished apartment any longer than necessary. Buying, selling, and moving is an expensive process, so any money you can save your client will be appreciated.

Give them a relocation guide

Moving to a new state, city, or even to a new part of the city you're in can be quite an adjustment. There's nothing quite as straightforward and practical for getting you settled as a relocation guide. 

If it's not already something you do as a realtor, consider providing your clients with a relocation guide for their city, state, or community. It's a thoughtful housewarming gift as well as an essential resource for transplants.

Who's your next lucky client?

Now that we've given you all of these tips for being a rockstar realtor, we can't help but think that your next client is pretty lucky. We can't wait to meet them when you send them our way.

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