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How to Negotiate a Relocation Package with Your New Employer

Posted by Charlene Knight on May 20, 2019 8:01:00 AM

Negotiating relocation packageSo, you're interviewing for a new job... Congrats! The only catch is, it's in another city, which means if you're hired, you'll be relocating, and fast

While relocating can be exciting, it's also expensive. Unless you want to be solely responsible for your relocation costs, you had better mention and start negotiating a relocation package early on in the interview process. 

As a relocation service provider, Corporate Connection sees a lot of individuals wade through the complex process of moving to a new city and finding temporary housing while starting a new job. It can get complicated and even overwhelming. That's why we want to give you the tips to help you do it right.

Have a number in mind.

If your potential employer asks what you expect to help cover relocation costs, you had better have a clear, concise answer — and do not stutter or state your expectation so that it sounds like question (ex. "I was thinking $3,000?"). Both of these mistakes will cause the employer to second guess your confidence and perhaps even reevaluate what you are worth.

Instead, confidently and unapologetically state a specific dollar amount (a range is fine). Once you've given the amount, be quiet and wait. Let the employer decide what to do with your proposal. 

If a temporary housing arrangement would be more beneficial to you than a check, then propose a specific solution such as, "I'd like a fully furnished apartment for at least 30 days to give me time to find a permanent place. I will also need a $1,300 stipend for moving expenses."

Emphasize to the employer how they will benefit from providing you with the best moving package possible. With all of your personal needs met, you will be able to fully focus on your new job from the start.

Research standard relocation costs.

Not only is it important to have number in mind when you're discussing relocation costs; it's also important to make sure that number is well-researched. Don't just throw out a number that sounds reasonable. Every city is different, so it's important to research cost of living in the area, get quotes from movers, and determine how much your first down payment would be for an apartment.

Here's an expert tip: When negotiating numbers, use odd numbers, not rounded numbers. Instead of asking for $2,000 to $2,500, tell them you need $2,345. Using a specific and odd amount reaffirms the fact that you've done your research and you know exactly how much money you need for the move.

Be ready to bring it up.

It's possible that your employer may not ask what you have in mind for a relocation package. If they don't, that's okay — as long as you ask! And don't wait until they've made you an offer either. 

Many new hires are afraid to mention a relocation package before getting an offer because they're afraid this will make them less desirable for the position. However, if you don't mention it early enough, you're unlikely to get a relocation package at all. And frankly, if your employer is unwilling to hire you because you're negotiating relocation costs, then you probably don't want to work for them anyway. What else would you end up paying for down the road? Your own K-Cups for the office Keurig?

Frame your questions the right way.

When negotiating, it's a good idea to stay away from yes or no questions. Ask open-ended questions. For example, instead of asking, "Do you offer a relocation package?" you'll get farther if you say, "What is included in your relocation package?" 

This question assumes that the employer already has a relocation package waiting for you. Now the two of you just need to discuss its perks. No big deal.

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