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Tips for Keeping Your Furnished Apartment Clean with a Pet

Posted by Charlene Knight on Aug 12, 2019 9:23:43 AM

Pets_FBNot all apartments are pet friendly, but when you lease a furnished apartment through Corporate Connection, your pets are 100% welcome. After all, how is your apartment supposed to feel like home without your most loyal companion?

Now you know your pet is allowed at your furnished apartment, it's time to answer another important question:

How do I keep my apartment clean with a pet?

Anybody who has a pet is no stranger to cleaning up after them and strategically arranging a living space to keep certain items out of reach. But when you're living somewhere with furniture that doesn't permanently belong to you, chances are, you're going to work a little harder to take care of it. Here's how...

Keep hair under control with the right tools.

Constantly vacuuming your floors and lint rolling your furniture is one way to keep your apartment free of pet hair, but it's not the most time-effective method. After all, who has that much time to clean when they're settling into a new home and adjusting to a new job, temporary project, or internship? Automatic vacuums are a lifesaver. You can just set them on the floor, and they'll clean up the majority of the animal hair that's floating around without you ever lifting a finger.

Unfortunately, there's not a similar automated substitute for lint rollers, but latex gloves are just as effective for collecting hair. Just put them on and brush your hands over any surface where there's unwanted hair. The nice thing about latex gloves is that you can rinse the hair off and reuse them.

Groom nails and feet.

Giving your pet a pedicure will go a long way in keeping your apartment both clean and in good condition. Trimming their nails prevents scratches on the floor and holes in furniture.

But your pet's nails aren't the only thing damaging your apartment. Their paws carry and distribute dirt just like the bottoms of your shoes do—and they have twice as many feet as you! You can cut back on dirt by keeping rugs inside and outside your door. If it's raining and muddy outside, you'll likely need to take more drastic measures and actually wipe their paws off with a towel. It may seem like overkill, but your proactive approach to cleanliness will be worth it in the long run.

Brush and bathe.

Of course, your pet is more than its paws. A lot of dirt and grime can be avoided by brushing your pet as often as possible to reduce shedding, and bathing them regularly to keep everything cleaner in general.

Protect your fabrics.

If you own a pet, then it's a given that you'll keep stain remover on hand. However, there's another product that is surprisingly effective for stain removal—shaving cream! Of course, shaving cream doesn't have the same antibacterial properties as most pet stain removers, but it will remove the stain and leave a nice fragrance behind.

Another way to protect the fabric in your furnished apartment is to invest in furniture covers. You can also purchase cheap throws and toss them over your couch and chairs any time your dog or cat is joining you on the furniture.

Fight odors.

Your apartment may look clean, but if it doesn't smell clean, then it's going to feel dirty. A quick way to freshen your apartment is to open the windows. However, depending on the time of year, that might not be ideal.

Another solution for bad odors is baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on your furniture and carpet so that it can absorb moisture and unwanted odor, and then vacuum it up. A lesser known hack is that vodka actually absorbs bad smells. Pour some in a spray bottle and spritz your furniture. Easy as that!

Ask us about pet-friendly furnished apartments!

If you're interested in leasing a furnished apartments that's pet-friendly, contact our relocation team today! The process is quick and easy so that you and your pet can get moved in and settled sooner rather than later.

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