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What a Furnished Apartment Needs to "Wow" Corporate Execs

Posted by Charlene Knight on Apr 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Corporate ExecutiveHosting corporate executives for an extended stay is nothing to take lightly. Chances are, if someone has earned the title of "executive" at a company, they're accustomed to receiving the very best service, and they can smell a shortcut a mile away — so don't even think about it. 

If you're responsible for arranging temporary corporate housing for your company's executives, then you want to make sure they're "wowed." Executives should feel important and appreciated not just in the office, but also when they leave work and go home to their furnished apartment that the company has temporarily rented on their behalf.

How do you go about this massive undertaking? We have a few suggestions...

#1. Choose a convenient location.

An unnecessarily long commute quickly makes a bad impression. Even if everything else about a business trip is smooth, chances are you wouldn't forget the frustration of battling traffic to and from the office every day. 

That's why Corporate Connection partners with properties located in different parts of various cities across the Carolinas. Most executives don't want to stay in an upscale furnished apartment in downtown Greenville if their office is 40 minutes outside the city — but if they did, there are plenty of downtown apartments to choose from.

#2. Provide quality furnishings.

The last thing you want to hear from an executive you're hosting is that the furniture at their furnished apartment is broken, damaged or dirty. The only way to ensure that this doesn't happen is to either inspect the apartment yourself before your guest arrives or ensure that you're working with a relocation service that values quality as highly as you do. Certainly, the latter is the most efficient option.

At Corporate Connection, our relocation specialists handpick each piece of furniture you've requested only after it's been through our very thorough cleaning and wrapping process. We never put dirty furniture back on our warehouse shelves. We inspect bedding and and other furniture items for bed bugs, and our cleaning process results in each piece looking brand new. Sure, you're renting furniture, but when you rent from a company that runs on quality, you'll feel like you're getting new furniture at a renter's price.

#3. Opt for nothing less than fully furnished.

Corporate executives traveling for business already work hard. After a long day of meetings, they shouldn't have to make a late-night run to the nearest convenience store to pick up basic essentials. If they were expecting a fully furnished apartment, give them exactly that. Fully furnished means that your guests have big things like a washer and dryer right down to the littlest things like a wine opener to uncork that bottle of red from a client. It all goes back to not taking shortcuts.

Corporate Connection hates shortcuts as much as your business executive does, so put your trust in our relocation specialists, if you want the confidence of knowing that your corporate guests are getting the best treatment during their extended stay. 

#4. Connect with a team that cares as much as you do.

If you're doing everything you can to wow your corporate guests, but the relocation service you've hired isn't, then guess what — you're basically swimming upstream. You can put in extra effort to make a good impression, but it will always be the things that fall through the cracks that get noticed.

So, don't leave your executives' corporate housing experience in less-than-capable hands. Contact Corporate Connection today to see how we can help you "wow" your visiting execs.

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