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Why Do People Rent Furniture?

Posted by Charlene Knight on Oct 21, 2019 10:17:48 AM

rent furniture_blogIf you've never rented furniture before, you may wonder why people do it. Wouldn't most people rather own the furniture that's in their home and not worry about how clean it is?

Turns out, the answer is no. Many people have realized the numerous advantages of renting furniture over buying it, especially when it comes to short-term housing or last-minute relocations.

What are the benefits of renting furniture?

You can fully furnish your space faster.

You can set up your temporary apartment much more quickly when you rent furniture as a package rather than buying each piece one by one or shopping for matching sets room by room. The transformation of your apartment from empty to ready is almost immediate with a little rental furniture.

Dodge the big upfront expense.

It's expensive to buy new furniture and fully furnish an apartment. Sometimes, to soften the blow, renters end up buying cheaper furniture that they don't necessarily like—or worse—furniture that doesn't even last.

Renting furniture is much more affordable upfront than purchasing to own. You can make a modest payment each month rather than taking on a bunch of furniture debt as you're launching into a move.

It's better for the environment.

Why is renting furniture better for the environment? Because landfills are overflowing with furniture waste, particularly with cheap furniture items that last no more than a year or two.

Instead of buying cheap furniture for a short-term relocation and then throwing it away, it's more environmentally friendly to rent quality furniture and return it to your rental furniture company who will later rent it out to another customer.

As long as the rental furniture is high-quality, it will stay in good shape as it's transported from apartment to apartment and enjoyed by various renters. Renting furniture rather than buying is a more sustainable way of doing business both environmentally and economically.

You can pick up and move quickly. 

Do you like the idea of being able to drop everything and move on a whim if the right opportunity came along? Many people do, but they're tied down by all of their belongings, particularly furniture. Furniture is difficult to move, and even if you choose not to bring it with you, it takes a long time to sell.

If you rent furniture, however, you don't have to move it or sell it. You can just call your rental furniture company and tell them to come pick it up.

You're not permanently stuck with a certain style.

A perk of rental furniture that's most appealing to those interested in home decor is that rental furniture gives you the freedom to enjoy a furniture style temporarily and not be permanently committed to it.

Styles come and go, and one's personal taste even changes from year to year. It's nice to be able to rent a furniture collection you like and then swap it out for another style six months or so later. 

You don't have to lift it.

When you rent furniture, the truck and the movers come with the rental. You hardly have to lift a finger beyond unlocking the apartment door for them to drop it off. For the busy career professional, college student, company intern, traveling nurse, or family in transition, that's a major perk of furniture rental.

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